Novice Dog


Novice is for all dogs that have not yet won a first place

Blustag Bobby (Bobby) 



Blufawn Luschek (Thor)


Blustag Rutherford (Dief)


Blustag Fox and Hound (Odin)


Starlight Storm (Storm)


Poachersfarm Lord Eddard (Silver)  



Blustag Royal Oak (Link)




Alba Criteon at Starlight (Dylan)



Blustag Cobweb Corner (Freki)


Poachersfarm King Cobra


Poachersfarm Lord Davos (Spirit) 


Blustag Tom Kitten (Bolt)


Blustag Pascal (Roux)


Blustag Timmy Tiptoes (Max) 


Blufawn Caputo (Loxley)


Blufawn Cinna (Jax) 

Blustag USS Seagull (Jett)


Blufawn Thunderbird (Miko)