Open Dog


Open Dog is for all males that do not fit into any of the other categories

Blustag Tuoni (Woody) 


Blufawn Crazy Peanut (Oscar) 


Blustag Pluto at BlaiddMon  (Lynx)


Blustag Donald Duck (Rook)


Blustag Agassi (Loki)



Blustag Cowboy and the Dandy (Badger)



Poachersfarm Colt Mustang (Ryko)


Blustag Rutherford (Dief)


Blufawn Gomez Adams (Sylar)


Blustag Ukko (Monty)


Blustag Icefire (Ollie)


Blustag Moonraker (Inka)


Alba O'Shean (Shogun)


Blufawn Gambit (Zuuk)


Blustag Royal Oak (Link)


Blufawn Pubert Adams (Bear)


Poachersfarm King Cobra


Blufawn Pugsley Adams (Kai)


Blufawn Hurricane (Loki) 



Blustag Fox and Hound (Odin)


Alba Criteon at Starlight (Dylan)


Blustag Aramis (Loki)


Blustag Applejack (Loki)


Blustag Athos (Koda)


Blustag Pascal (Roux)


Blustag Bobby (Bobby)