Points Systems


The Dog of the Year was introduced in 2006, since then we have had 10 newly made Tamaskan Dog Champions.

Points for 'real life' shows are double what are gained for online shows.

The points system is as seen below.

1st Place 5 Points
2nd Place 4 Points
3rd Place 3 Points
4th Place 2 Points
5th Place 1 Point
Best in Show 5 Points
Best Puppy in Show 5 Points


Points gained while the dog is under 12 months old cannot be carried over into adult classes.


Every year in December the points are added up and the dog with the highest amount of points becomes the new Tamaskan Dog Champion and can add the affix 'TdCh' after their dogs name and will receive the Tamaskan Dog of the Year award.  The dog with the highest points of the opposite sex (of the winner) receives the Best Opposite Sex award.

The same is done for all the puppies entered throughout the year for the Tamaskan Dog Puppy of the Year award. (Even if your puppy becomes an adult before the year is over the points will still be counted.)



We also have a Top Breeders competition, the points system for that is seen below.


1st Place 1 Point
Best in Show 1 Point
Best Puppy in Show 1 Point


Every year the points for top breeder are added up and the breeder with the most points receives the Top Breeder award.