Agility Warrant

The Kennel Club rewards dogs that consistently do well in agility with clear rounds and placings by awarding agility warrants.

An Agility Warrant is awarded to a dog that has obtained points in standard agility and jumping classes at Championship and Open Shows.

Points are only awarded where the dog has obtained a clear round within the course time. The requirements for the three levels of warrant are:

Bronze 200 points (minimum of 50 points in agility) = 5 tdsc points

Silver 400 points (minimum of 100 points in agility) = 10 tdsc points

Gold 800 points (minimum of 200 points in agility) = 20 tdsc points

The following titles may be used after the name of the dog:

Bronze AW(B)
Silver AW(S)
Gold AW(G)

Points are awarded as follows:

Standard agility classes Standard Jumping Classes
1st place 20 points
2nd place 19 points
3rd place 18 points
4th place 17 points
5th place 16 points
6th place 15 points
7th place 14 points
8th place 13 points
9th place 12 points
10th place 11 points

Unplaced clear round 2 points

1st place 10 points
2nd place 9 points
3rd place 8 points
4th place 7 points
5th place 6 points
6th place 5 points
7th place 4 points
8th place 3 points
9th place 2 points
10th place 1 point

Unplaced clear round 1 point