These Hiking awards are given only by the Tamaskan Dog Showing Club. The awards are open to all Tamaskan aged 12 months and over.

The certificate is self-assessment based, so it is down to you to record your progress.  Each day you should take a few photos en-route that show you have reached your target locations ie:- road sign, monument etc.  You can also join group hikes organised by the TDSC. The award must be completed within 12 months of the first hike or it will have to be started again

These titles are not recognized by the Kennel Club but can be used with your dogs registered name, and can be abbreviated as follows:


Introductory Hiking Dog  =  5 tdsc points

Min distance = 10 miles

Max trip quantity = 2 separate trips


Hiking Dog Bronze = HDB  =  10 tdsc points

Min distance = 30 miles

Max trip quantity = 3 separate trips


Hiking Dog Silver =  HDS   =  20 tdsc points

Min distance = 50 miles

Max trip quantity = 4 separate trips


Where there is only 1 trip this can include starting every morning from the same base camp.


Hiking Dog Gold =  HDG  =  30 tdsc points

Min distance = 90 miles

Min trip quantity = 1 trip


Pack Dog  =  PD  =  40 tdsc points

Min distance = 180 miles

Min trip quantity = 1 trip

Min overnights = 2 nights on the trail

Dog must carry a daily starting weight equal to 30% of the dog’s weight, this may decrease as items are used and discarded.

Nights on the trail do not include B&B's or hotels, tents/caravans/campers only folks.