These Mushing awards are given only by the Tamaskan Dog Showing Club. The awards are open to all Tamaskan aged 12 months and over.

Points are awarded as follows for every dog in the team and for every class entered, including junior classes, scooter classes and bikejoring.

1st place 20 points
2nd place 19 points
3rd place 18 points
4th place 17 points
5th place 16 points
6th place 15 points
7th place 14 points
8th place 13 points
9th place 12 points
10th place 11 points

Participation points - 2 tdsc points (can only be counted towards Dog of the Year Award, not for below awards)

Gain 50 points to achieve Bronze and your dog will gain the suffix of MD(B)

Gain 100 points to achieve Silver and your dog will gain the suffix of MD(S)

Gain 200 points to achieve Gold and your dog will gain the suffix of MD(G) and the affix of TdWCh


Weightlifting awards can also be gained, contact us for more information