Health Testing

DNA Profiled:              Yes

BVA Hip Score:           4

DM Test:                     Carrier


Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        538G2

Sire:                                 Blustag Athos

Dam:                                Blustag Silver Phantom

Sex:                                 Male

Date of Birth:                   9th June 2015

Colour:                            Red Grey

Call Name:                      Bear


2017 to BlaiddMon Brianne at Blustag

Blustag Conch
Blustag Scalare
Blustag Abalone
Blustag Cypraea
Blustag Astralium
Blustag Amoria
Blustag Polymita
Blustag Nassarius

2018 Blustag Snowbell

Blustag New Rose
Blustag Rocket Queen
Blustag November Rain
Blustag Night Train
Blustag Hair of the Dog

2019 to Blustag Summer Rain

Blustag Snow Poppy
Blustag Opium
Blustag Cenotaph
Blustag Eleventh Hour
Blustag Armistice

2020 to Blustag Comet

Blustag Myst 
Blustag Rainbow
Blustag Jet Stream
Blustag Blue Skies
Blustag Dust Storm
Blustag Thunderstorm
Blustag Tornado Alley
Blustag Storm Clouds

2021 to Blufawn Starfire

Blufawn Amberley
Blufawn Mereth
Blufawn Lyria
Blufawn Eritrea
Blufawn Bandon
Blufawn Ander
Blufawn Allanon

2021 to Blustag Summer Rain

Blustag Cherokee
Blustag High Noon
Blustag Tiger Lilly

2021 to Blustag Rocket Queen

Blustag Stormy Weather
Blustag Storm Warning
Blustag Stormy Nights
Blustag Storm Brewing
Blustag Stormy Sea
Blustag Stormy Sky

2022 to Blustag Comet

Blustag Starsky
Blustag Hutch