Health Testing

DNA Profiled:              Yes

BVA Hip Score:           10

DM Test:                    


Wolf Content:             

Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        324G1

Sire:                                 Jackal at Blustag

Dam:                                Nanny McPhee at Blustag

Sex:                                 Female

Date of Birth:                   16th July 2011

Colour:                            Wolf Grey

Call Name:                      Axle


2013 to Dingo at Blustag

Blustag Sharapova
Blustag Agassi
Blustag Aguilera
Blustag Alami
Blustag Aldrich

2014 to Blustag Sanuye

Blustag Ursula
Blustag Anastasia
Blustag Captain Hook
Blustag Gaston
Blustag Jafar
Blustag Shere Khan
Blustag Shan Yu
Blustag Stromboli

2015 to Blustag Icefire

Blustag Merlin
Blustag Feffer
Blustag Sasha
Blustag Byron
Blustag Baba Yaga
Blustag Whisty
Blustag Margo
Blustag Celia

2016 to Blustag Icefire

Blustag Hocus Pocus
Blustag Pumpkin
Blustag White Witch
Blustag Sabrina
Blustag Trick or Treat
Blustag Casper
Blustag Fright Night
Blustag Cobweb Corner
Blustag Scary Zombie
Blustag Blood Moon

2018 to Blustag Anaconda

Blustag New Rose
Blustag Rocket Queen
Blustag November Rain
Blustag Night Train
Blustag Hair of the Dog