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The Black Grey Tamaskan Club EST 2013







About Us

The Black Grey Tamaskan Club (BGTC) was started in 2013 by Jennie Saxby, a Tamaskan breeder that specialises in breeding Black Grey Tamaskan Dogs.

One of the main goals for the Tamaskan Dog Register, the original register for all Tamaskan Dogs is to breed a dog that resembles a wolf as closely as possible.  As wolves come in a variety of colours, so does the Tamaskan Dog.  Wolves exist in the wild in a black grey colour, often referred to as black phase, they also, in some cases have a small amount of white on their chest. However it is the opinion of the TDR that too much white on the chest and also markings on the legs and face diminishes the wolf like appearance of the Tamaskan Dog and so it has become a fault and we are trying to breed these faults out in our quest to produce the best quality black grey Tamaskans.

Thanks to the work of the Tamaskan Dog Register the outline of the black grey Tamaskan already closely resembles that of the wild wolf but over the next 10 years we hope to establish consistent lines of black grey Tamaskan whilst breeding out several faults such as curly tails and an excess of white markings. The ultimate goal would be to produce a solid black grey Tamaskan with yellow eyes, but it will most likely take much longer than 10 years to produce.

A Wolf                                                                      A Tamaskan

The aims and objectives of the club are: