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The Black Grey Tamaskan Club EST 2013







History of the Black Grey Tamaskan


The first black grey Tamaskan was a foundation dog purchased from a Utonagan breeder in Wales. Her name was Tumanra at Blustag (Iola). Tumanra was out of two grey parents, but her grandfather (on dads side) was a black grey.

At this time black grey was not a recognised colour with the Tamaskan Dog Register and Iola was simply counted as being a very dark wolf grey.

Iola has been bred to grey Tamaskan but has never produced a black grey from them.

In 2008 another black grey foundation dog was introduced to the Tamaskan breed. Ohanzee of Torriarno (Rann), also from Utonagan ancestry.

In 2008, together they produced the only full litter of 5 black grey puppies.

After the birth of this litter the founder of the BGTC fought for the recognition of a new colour, black grey, to distinguish them from wolf grey.  A vote was taken by the TDR and the idea was passed in 2008. Black grey was now a colour in its own right.

Sadly all black grey Tamaskan were now related, breeding Iola to Rann again was pointless as none of the puppies could be bred with each other. A puppy from this litter was kept in a breeding home, Blustag Diamonds Are Forever (Dallas) and she was bred to wolf greys but also never produced a black grey.

Miraculously when all hope was lost for the preservation of the black grey Tamaskan an accidental mating between a Tamaskan and a Canadian Eskimo Dog produced one black grey puppy, Blufawn Chives (Winni).

Winni was a brand new line of black grey Tamaskan totally unrelated to both Iola, Rann and their offspring.  The BGTC founder fought for 2 years to have her registered with the TDR and eventually succeeded.  She bred her to a wolf grey dog in 2013 and produced two black grey puppies, both without any white facial markings and one with no white markings at all. Blufawn Gomez Adams (Sylar)

In 2013 Jennie Saxby (Blufawn) started the Save the Black Grey Society to promote the Black Grey Tamaskan. The name of the club was changed in 2014 to The Black Grey Tamaskan Club.

In 2014 a new line was added.  Black Beauty at Blufawn (Pagan) is a black German Shepherd from working lines. She represents the first black grey foundation dog for 6 years and the first German Shepherd to be added into the breed for almost 20 years. With Pagans help the BGTC hopes to eliminate white markings, straighten tails and add intelligence into the black grey gene pool.

Now , through the Black Grey Tamaskan Club, we are fighting to keep the black grey Tamaskan alive and to produce a consistent and genetically diverse black grey Tamaskan with the ultimate goal of creating a healthy selection of black grey Tamaskan that can be introduced into the TDR breeding pool. To do this we will often move outside of the TDR registration to experiment with outcrosses and breed back to TDR Tamaskan to create the perfect black grey dog.