Health Testing

DNA Profiled:           Yes  

BVA Hip Score:          10

DM Test:                    


Wolf Content:             

Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        326G1

Sire:                                 Jackal at Blustag

Dam:                                Nanny McPhee at Blustag

Sex:                                 Female

Date of Birth:                   16th July 2011

Colour:                            Wolf Grey

Call Name:                      Bandit


2013 to Blustag Icefire

Blustag Kelpie
Blustag Nuggle
Blustag Tangi
Blustag Glashtin
Blustag Nykur

2015 to Blustag Icefire

Blustag Agate
Blustag Cameo
Blustag Opal
Blustag Morganite
Blustag Amethyst
Blustag Sapphire
Blustag Diamond 
Blustag Emerald

2016 to Blustag Sanuye

Blustag Shadowfax
Blustag Champion
Blustag Tornado
Blustag Bullseye
Blustag Artax
Blustag Rocinante
Blustag Epona

2017 to Blustag Eyolf
Blustag Squirrel Nutkin
Blustag Tommy Brock
Blustag Benjamin Bunny
Blustag Johnny Townmouse
Blustag Timmy Tiptoes
Blustag Simpkin
Blustag Samuel Whiskers

Blustag Tom Kitten

2018 to Blustag Eyolf
Blustag Catkin
Blustag Bluebell
Blustag Daisy
Blustag Daffodil
Blustag Tulip
Blustag Primrose
Blustag Crocus

2019 to Blufawn Luschek

Blustag Lonesome Dove