Health Testing

DNA Profiled:              Yes

BVA Hip Score:           0

DM Test:                     Clear


Wolf Content:             

Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        298G1

Sire:                                 Dingo at Blustag

Dam:                                Blustag Diamonds Are Forever

Sex:                                 Male

Date of Birth:                   2nd Dec 2011

Colour:                            Red Grey

Call Name:                      Ollie


2013 to Blustag Snowdrop

Blustag Kelpie
Blustag Nuggle
Blustag Tangi
Blustag Glashtin
Blustag Nykur

2013 to Blustag Chaska

Blustag Aino
Blustag Hilsi
Blustag Kullervo
Blustag Tuoni
Blustag Ukko
Blustag Llmarinen
Blustag Joukahainen

2013 to Heidi at Blustag

Blustag Thelma
Blustag Louise

2013 to Blustag Silver Phantom

Blustag Ramos
Blustag Bonner
Blustag Carney
Blustag Aluko at Blufawn
Blustag Asante

2014 to Blustag Devon

Blustag Litha
Blustag Tonka
Blustag Pascal
Blustag Atlas
Blustag Whisper
Blustag Sarina
Blustag Karuna at BlaiddMon
Blustag Kamar

2015 to Blustag Bindaree

Blustag Moonlight
Blustag Starlight
Blustag Midnight
Blustag Galaxy
Blustag Eclipse
Blustag Aurora
Blustag Nova
Blustag Sunlight
Blustag Comet
Blustag Solar

2015 to Blustag Snowdrop

Blustag Agate
Blustag Cameo
Blustag Opal
Blustag Morganite
Blustag Amethyst
Blustag Sapphire
Blustag Diamond 
Blustag Emerald

2015 to Blustag Chives

Blufawn August Kekule
Blufawn Linus Pauling
Blufawn Marie Curie

2015 to Blustag Snowbell

Blustag Merlin
Blustag Feffer
Blustag Sasha
Blustag Byron
Blustag Baba Yaga
Blustag Whisty
Blustag Margo
Blustag Celia

2015 to Blustag Chaska

Blustag Markarth
Blustag Windhelm
Blustag Riften
Blustag Solitude
Blustag Dawnstar
Blustag Winterhold
Blustag Whiterun

2016 to Blustag Snowbell

Blustag Hocus Pocus
Blustag Pumpkin
Blustag White Witch
Blustag Sabrina
Blustag Trick or Treat
Blustag Casper
Blustag Fright Night
Blustag Cobweb Corner
Blustag Scary Zombie
Blustag Blood Moon

2018 to Blustag Chaska

Blustag Winterfell
Blustag Westeros
Blustag Volantis
Blustag Dragonstone
Blustag Meereen
Blustag Dorne
Blustag Braavos
Blustag Astapor