Health Testing

DNA Profiled:           Yes  

BVA Hip Score:         10 

DM Test:                  Clear  


Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        524G2

Sire:                                 Blustag Sanuye

Dam:                               Blustag Diamonds Are Forever

Sex:                                 Male

Date of Birth:                   18th March 2015

Colour:                            Wolf Grey

Call Name:                      Otto


2017 to Blustag Comet

Blustag Shriver
Blustag Springer
Blustag Sharman
Blustag Serova

2017 to Blustag Snowdrop

Blustag Tom Kitten
Blustag Squirrel Nutkin
Blustag Tommy Brock
Blustag Benjamin Bunny
Blustag Johnny Townmouse
Blustag Timmy Tiptoes
Blustag Simpkin
Blustag Samuel Whiskers

2017 to Blustag Aluko at Blufawn

Blufawn Vee
Blufawn Taystee
Blufawn Pennsatucky
Blufawn Crazy Eyes
Blufawn Luschek
Blufawn Pornstache
Blufawn Caputo

2018 to Blustag Jasmine at Blufawn

Blufawn Apollo
Blufawn Starbuck
Blufawn Athena
Blufawn Boomer
Blufawn Racetrack

2018 to Blustag Snowdrop

Blustag Catkin
Blustag Bluebell
Blustag Daisy
Blustag Daffodil
Blustag Tulip
Blustag Primrose
Blustag Crocus

2019 to Blustag Diamond Back

Blustag Barbossa
Blustag Jack Sparrow
Blustag Hook
Blustag Blackbeard
Blustag Black Bart
Blustag Anne Bonny
Blustag Mary Read
Blustag Sayyida
Blustag Ching Shih

2020 to Blustag Rocket Queen


Blustag Buffy

Blustag Willow

Blustag Xander

2020 to Blustag Diamond Back

Blustag Moaning Myrtle
Blustag King Hamlet
Blustag Casper
Blustag Inky
Blustag Ghost Rider
Blustag Blinky
Blustag Banquo