Health Testing

DNA Profiled:              Yes

BVA Hip Score:           5

DM Test:                     Clear

EMBARK:                  Clear (2019)

Wolf Content:              20.4%

Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        575G3

Sire:                                 Blustag Aramis

Dam:                                Blustag Thelma

Sex:                                 Female

Date of Birth:                   3rd May 2016

Colour:                            Red Grey

Call Name:                      Merida (aka Merri)


2018 litter to Blustag Eyolf

Blufawn Apollo
Blufawn Starbuck
Blufawn Athena
Blufawn Boomer
Blufawn Racetrack

2019 litter to Blufawn Luschek

Blufawn Clary
Blufawn Maia
Blufawn Jace
Blufawn Magnus

2020 to Blustag Tom Kitten

Blufawn Thanos
Blufawn Dr Strange
Blufawn Captain Marvel
Blufawn Scarlet Witch
Blufawn Gamora
Blufawn Black Widow

2021 to Blufawn Steampunk

Blufawn Kakamori
Blufawn Montunui
Blufawn Tamatoa
Blufawn Hei Hei
Blufawn Te Ka
Blufawn Te Fiti
Blufawn Lalotai