Health Testing

DNA Profiled:              Yes

BVA Hip Score:           11

DM Test:                     Carrier


Wolf Content:             

Owner:                             Jason & Annie Mace

Registration Number:        459G2

Sire:                                 TdCh Blustag Snapdragon

Dam:                                Heidi at Blustag

Sex:                                 Male

Date of Birth:                   17th Feb 2014

Colour:                            Red Grey

Call Name:                      Loki


2016 to Blustag Thelma

Blustag Prince Eric
Blustag Flynn Rider
Blustag Nala
Blustag Jasmine at Blufawn
Blustag Megara
Blustag Bianca
Blustag Tiana

2020 to Noushka at Blustag

Blustag Artemis
Blustag Babylon
Blustag Alexandria
Blustag Giza