Health Testing

DNA Profiled:           Yes

BVA Hip Score:        9

DM Test:                  Clear  


Wolf Content:             

Owner:                             Kat Mason

Registration Number:        252G1

Sire:                                 Brown Wolf

Dam:                               Alba Zuul at Blufawn

Sex:                                 Female

Date of Birth:                   24th May 2010

Colour:                            Black Grey

Call Name:                      Minnie



2012 to Jackal at Blustag

Blufawn Crazy Peanut

2013 to TdCh Blustag Snapdragon

Blufawn Gomez Addams
Blufawn Lurch
Blufawn Pugsley Addams
TdCh Blufawn Uncle Fester
Blufawn Pubert Addams
Blufawn Morticia Addams

2015 to Blustag Icefire

Blufawn August Kekule
Blufawn Linus Pauling
Blufawn Marie Curie