2013 to Blufawn Chives


Blufawn Gomez Adams

Blufawn Lurch

Blufawn Pugsley Adams

TdCh Blufawn Uncle Fester

Blufawn Pubert Adams

Blufawn Morticia Adams

2013 to Blustag Bindaree


Blustag Red Lion

Blustag Royal Oak

Blustag White Hart

Blustag Fox and Hound

Blustag Rose and Crown

Blustag Tudor Rose

Blustag Lady Hamilton

Blustag Princess Royal

2014 to Blustag Chaska


Blustag Dewey

Blustag Tinkerbell

Blustag Periwinkle

Blustag Rosetta

Blustag Vidia

2014 to Blufawn Ginger


Blufawn Tornado

Blufawn Hurricane

Blufawn Twister

Blufawn Cyclone

Blufawn Whirlwind

2014 to Heidi at Blustag


Blustag Athos

TdCh Blustag Porthos

Blustag Aramis

2014 to Saxon Orion at Blustag


Blustag JR

Blustag John Ross

Blustag Bobby 

Blustag Christopher

TdCh Blustag Sue Ellen

Blustag Elena

Blustag Rebecca

Blustag Annie

2016 to Blufawn Ginger


Blustag Asenath

Blustag Marina

Blustag Annabelle

Blustag Odette

Blustag Crysta

2016 to Blufawn Annie's Song


Poachersfarm Dancing Queen

Poachersfarm Mamma Mia

Poachersfarm Fernando

Poachersfarm Name of the Game

Poachersfarm Winner Takes it All

Poachersfarm Super Trooper

2017 to Saxon Orion at Blustag


Blustag Blizzard Beach

Blustag Perfect Storm

Blustag Tropical Tornado

Blustag Breaking Dawn

Blustag Summer Rain

Blustag Fallen Snow

Blustag Summer Breeze

2017 to Blufawn Annie's Song


Poachersfarm Rachel Berry

Poachersfarm Santana Lopez

Poachersfarm Mercedes Jones

Poachersfarm Noah Puckerman
Poachersfarm Finn Hudson
Poachersfarm Will Schuester
Poachersfarm Artie Abrams

2017 to Noushka at Blustag


Blustag Prancer

Blustag Rudolf

Blustag Blitzen

Blustag Vixen

2018 to Blustag Silver Phantom


Blustag Fools Gold

Blustag Lucky Silver

2019 to Blustag Comet


Blustag Salty Tear

Blustag Dragons Blood

Blustag Mermaid Net
Blustag Song of Summer
Blustag Flamingo's Dream




Health Testing

DNA Profiled:           Yes

BVA Hip Score:          6

DM Test:                   Clear


Wolf Content:             

Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        320G1

Sire:                                 Jackal at Blustag

Dam:                                Nanny McPhee at Blustag

Sex:                                 Male

Date of Birth:                   16th July 2011

Colour:                            Red Grey

Call Name:                      Maverick