Bob Lins had walked his dogs at the local park more times than he could remember. August 31 was a day like any other. William, a five-year-old golden retriever mix, and Max, a year-old chocolate lab, played happily. Upon turning a bend he caught the dogs drinking from a puddle. They’d taken just a few gulps when he stopped them and they continued on their way. Within minutes, Max was acting strangely. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Lins rushed both animals to the vet, where they died soon after. "They were our girls. They were part of the family," said Lins  wife, Barbara. "It makes me crazy."


Two days later, Lins took a water sample to his vets. According to the vet "Preliminary results indicate the presence of a toxin in the algae sample." The toxin found is commonly associated with several strains of blue-green algae, he said, and may be produced during algae "blooms,"  An algae bloom can be identified by its pea-soup or green-paint appearance and may produce a surface "scum" on the top of the water.

 "It’s a very difficult thing to accept. We’ve walked there so many times." Mrs. Lins said, “had our friends been walking with us that day as they usually do it could have been four dead dogs instead of two.”

Warnings go up around lakes throughout the world in the summer months about blue green algae, but some go up too late for the hundreds of dogs killed every year. Your dog does not have to swim it only has to play with a dog which has been in infected water or drink from a contaminated puddle.


Dogs may experience itching, rash, irritated eyes and ears, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, liver problems or muscle weakness and eventually death. Death can be as swiftly as 15min from contact with the algae.

Yet even with these warnings you may still find Blue-Green Algae in the shops, being sold as dog & human supplements

The algae contains Floridan Starch, multiple vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, beta

carotene, chlorophyll and essential fatty acids. Latest research shows that the algae is a good dietary source of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for an Increase in energy, vitality and stamina

We will let you decide!


Take your dog to the vets immediately.









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