It is the state of having only one testicle within the scrotum.

This can be due to:
  • One testicle not descending into the scrotum during normal embryonic or fetal development (34% of 'normal' live births), also known as: undescended testis or cryptorchidism. In this case the testis is within the abdominal cavity, somewhere along the normal route of descent most commonly, within the inguinal canal. Such a testis has an increased risk of malignancy.
  • One testicle may disappear during development (the so called vanishing testis) due to some intrauterine insult. This is thought most likely vascular, such as testicular torsion.
  • One testicle may be injured or removed for medical purposes.

Monorchidism is a condition that is genetic and the most common problem in the Tamaskan breed affecting several registered Tamaskan (about 1 in every 50 dogs.)

Castration, removing the existing testicle(s). These pets otherwise lead normal, healthy lives, the retained testicle will not cause them any pain or suffering at all, but if the retained testicle is not removed it could become cancerous later in life. 

Home Care and Prevention
Monorchid individuals should never be used for breeding. The Tamaskan Dog Register now asks for written proof from a registered vet that breeding males are fully intact before breeding is allowed to take place. 


Matings that have produced Mon-orchid puppies

Jackal at Blustag  x  Blustag Mystic Spirit                                           1pup        Mystic Spirit has retired

Kwakiuth at Alba  x  Blustag Star Dust                                             1 pup       both no longer TDR

Dingo at Blustag  x  Susi at Blustag                                                   2 pups

Jackal at Blustag  x  Susi at Blustag                                                   1 pup

Moonstone Make Me Pure at Alba  x  Alba Sumarlidl                        1 pup      both no longer TDR

Dingo at Blustag   x  Blustag Bindaree at Blufawn                             1 pup      Bindaree has retired

Blustag Lapiz Lazuli at Sylvaen   x  Blustag River Jordan at Sylvaen    1 pup      Lapiz Lazuli has retired



You could point the finger at any of these dogs as being the carriers of this condition, although without further trial and error this cannot be 100% confirmed as there is no test for this disease.  If you are purchasing a breeding dog from these dogs (or any dogs) I suggest you request a veterinary signed certificate from the breeder to state that your puppy has both testicles before you collect/pay.









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