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The Tamaskan Health Database has been created and sponsored by The Tamaskan Dog Register to give breeders and new owners a better understanding of the health of the Tamaskan Dog.

The Tamaskan Dog Register does not consider the breed to suffer with any genetic problems, however there have been isolated incidents in one particular litter that produced a surprising number of illnesses.  Of course most of these conditions can be environmental or congenital and we hope that this is the case.

However if these diseases happen to be genetic, they cannot be ignored, as left unchecked they could form serious health issues that will be difficult to tackle a few years down the line. In order to combat this we are now encouraging more health testing within the breed. Should any more of these problems present themselves these tests will be made mandatory.

List of ALL known Deaths:


EPILEPSY                                    2

INFECTION (non genetic)            2

RENAL DISEASE                         3

CANCER                                      6

LIVER FAILURE                           1

LUNG CONDITION                      1

OLD AGE                                     7


UN-NATURAL CAUSES              9

(eg. road traffic accidents)


Youngest Age at Death               1 week

Oldest Age at Death                    14 Years

Oldest Known Living Tamaskan              14 Years


Last Revised:- Jan 2022










Heat Stroke


Undescended Testicles


Renal Failure


Toxic Substances