Health Testing

DNA Profiled:              Yes

BVA Hip Score:           7

DM Test:                     Clear


Wolf Content:             

Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        9FD

Sire:                                 Oskari

Dam:                                Wendy

Sex:                                 Male

Date of Birth:                   2nd Aug 2004

Colour:                            Wolf Grey

Call Name:                      Dingo


2007 to Tumanra at Blustag
Blustag Forest Fire
Blustag Forest of Flames
Blustag Firebird
Blustag Firefly
Blustag Fire Fox at Sugalba
Blustag Ring of Fire
Blustag Fire Flame

2007 to Susi at Blustag
Blustag Quagga
Blustag Onager at Conchur
Blustag Kiang
Blustag Zebra

2009 to Tumanra at Blustag
Blustag Carina Tewi at Elk River
Blustag Andromeda
Blustag Aquarius

2009 to Blustag Bindaree

Blufawn Xavier
Blufawn Beast
Blufawn Wolverine
Blufawn Gambit
Blufawn Jubilee
Blufawn Rogue
Blufawn Storm

2011 to Blustag Diamonds Are Forever
Blustag Icefire
Blustag Elliot
Blustag Norbert
Blustag Mushu
Blustag Saphira
Blustag Yowler

2012 to TdCh Jodie at Blustag

Blustag Pluto at BlaiddMon

2012 to Alba Zuul at Blufawn
Blufawn Annie's Song
Blufawn Fly Away
Blufawn Sunshine on my Shoulders
Blufawn Raven's Child at Starlight
Blufawn Rocky Mountain High

2012 to Tumanra at Blustag
Blustag Wichita Lineman
Blustag Mull of Kintyre
Blustag The Gambler
Blustag Ruby Tuesday

2013 to Blustag Snowbell
Blustag Asante
Blustag Sharapova
Blustag Agassi
Blustag Aguilera
Blustag Alami
Blustag Aldrich