Health Testing

DNA Profiled:           Yes  

BVA Hip Score:          11

DM Test:                     Carrier


Wolf Content:             

Owner:                             Lynn Hardey

Registration Number:        239G1

Sire:                                 TdCh Blustag Star Burst

Dam:                                Tumanra at Blufawn

Sex:                                 Female

Date of Birth:                   1st April 2008

Colour:                            Red Grey

Call Name:                      Nevada


2009 to Dingo at Blustag

Blufawn Xavier
Blufawn Beast
Blufawn Wolverine
Blufawn Gambit
Blufawn Jubilee
Blufawn Rogue
Blufawn Storm

2011 to Blustag Little Bear

Blustag Kentucky
Blustag Montana
Blustag Idaho
Blustag Alabama
Blustag Alaska
Blustag Nebraska
Blustag Indiana
Blustag Colorado

2012 to Blustag Sanuye

Blustag Brownlee
Blustag Rutherford
Blustag Wiggins
Blustag Rowsell
Blustag Ennis
Blustag Pendleton
Blustag Grainger
Blustag Dujardin
Blustag Copeland

2013 to TdCh Blustag Snapdragon

Blustag Red Lion
Blustag Royal Oak
Blustag White Hart
Blustag Fox and Hound
Blustag Rose and Crown
Blustag Tudor Rose
Blustag Lady Hamilton
Blustag Princess Royal

2015 Blustag Icefire

Blustag Moonlight
Blustag Starlight
Blustag Midnight
Blustag Galaxy
Blustag Eclipse
Blustag Aurora
Blustag Nova
Blustag Sunlight
Blustag Comet
Blustag Solar