Tamaskan in the Media

Many Tamaskan have been seen in films, on TV and in international newspaper and magazines. Blustag dogs in particular have played an important role in the wide spread popularity of Tamaskan Dogs. Below are just some of the projects that Blustag Tamaskan have been involved in.

Kenai at Blustag at an event for the Twilight movie franchise, he was photographed with some of the cast and crew in 2012

Kenai at Blustag and Sylka at Blustag on Blue Peter with Lynn, around 2004

Filming work with Yogi. He played the wolf part in the short film, Peleus.

Okami company opening ceremony with Yogi and Heidi around 2010

The Gallows band, around 2010

Blustag dogs painted by artists

Blustag in newspapers and magazines