Importing and Exporting




BLUSTAG are experts in the Import and Export of dogs across the Globe. Our Blustag dogs have gone to 4 out of the 5 continents. Asia being the only one we have not exported to, even though we have been requested recently on more than one occasion. All puppies leave Blustag with a Microchip, Health Certificate and the necessary paperwork/vaccinations for the country to which they are traveling to.

All puppies going out to Western Europe (other than Scandinavia) are transported personally by road not only making it much easier for the puppies themselves and stress free, but also making it much less expensive for the new puppy owner. They are accompanied by either Jenny (Blufawn) or Lynn (Blustag) on their journey and are very well looked after from leaving UK to arriving on the continent.

Puppies have been met by their owners from various countries including The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France and so on.

For Scandinavia… people can drive down to meet us in The Netherlands or Germany if they wish OR they can have puppy flown over to them.

For USA/Canada…. all pups are flown to their nearest airport.

SORRY but we do NOT export to any countries in the Far East or Australia

Other than going through our thorough screening before being asked to pay a deposit there is nothing further for you to do. We take care of all of the necessary documentation and vet's treatments etc.

Balance of puppy purchase plus transport costs are payable one month before puppy is due to leave the UK.

Please be aware that some Tamaskan lines contain wolf content, which make them illegal in some countries, please check with your local authority and if possible, receive confirmation that a Tamaskan is allowed in writing before booking.

Since Brexit, exporting to Europe has become more difficult and more expensive, but can still be achieved, but be aware that puppies have to stay with their breeder for longer than usual until all requirements for travel have been met.

For your ease of mind if there is anything else you wish to know then don't hesitate to mail me at