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Lynn grew up surrounded by animals, her family being big animal lovers. At the age of 7 years she was introduced to horses by her Grandmother, who used to be a stunt bareback rider. Lynn then went on to own several horses over the years successfully competing at Horse Shows up and down the country in show jumping, cross country and in-hand breed classes showing her Appaloosas. She also belonged to a group of Western enthusiasts, who gave displays of Western Riding, Barrel Racing, Mock Shoot-Outs and Street Parades in full Western Dress, along with all the horses and carriages. They travelled the country collecting money for charity, over time raising thousands of pounds for the local childrenís hospice.

Lynn's love of dogs began as a child, the family being big German Shepherd enthusiasts. At the age of 16yrs Lynn was successfully competing at major Championship shows with her own GSD's. It was at this time that she met a top obedience and working trial competitor and judge who took young Lynn under her wing, and taught her how to successfully train and work dogs.

Lynn continued in GSD's showing and working her dogs right up until 1977 when she decided to look for another breed that she could work that was lighter weight, and more agile than the GSD but equally as intelligent. It was then that she found the Belgian Shepherd Tervueren, at Crufts. There were very few in UK at that time and only 3 on display at Crufts. Lynn immediately fell in love with the breed and by 1978 had acquired her first adult bitch and a young bitch puppy. She mated the older bitch to a recent import from Europe, all of whose puppies went on to be top show winners, winning between them Best In Shows, Best Puppy in Shows, Best of Breeds etc. The younger bitch went on to become a top working trial and obedience dog, as well as a good show dog, and produced herself some top winners, including New Zealandís first Champion Tervueren (Blustag Czarina).

Over the next few years Lynn produced many Champions due to her carefully selective breeding programmes exporting her dogs to 4 continents. She has held the Top UK Breeder award, Top Stud Dog and Top Brood Bitch awards given by the British Kennel Club as well as having bred the breeds CC record holder Ch. Blustag Silver Phantom.

Ch Blustag Silver Phantom


She has also imported quality Belgians from Europe and owned the first Laekenois in the UK. She was first invited to judge obedience back in 1978 and from 1980 has been judging breed classes. She has judged in the UK, Portugal and Finland. Her BLUSTAG ( pronounced Blue Stag) affix is registered with the F.C.I. and also of course the British Kennel Club.

Lynnís fascination with wolves also began as a child. With her family and friends all scattered across Canada and USA it gave Lynn ample opportunity over the years to visit and interact with wolves and wolfdogs, at not only friends premises, but also wolf parks and sanctuaries in America and also in Europe. Lynn lived in Portugal before living in Finland with yet another wolf park on her doorstep. It was whilst living in Finland that she experienced first hand what it was like living with wild wolves literally on the doorstep. Living deep in a forest with no neighbours she regularly had wolf visitors. A pack of around 9 regularly showing up and singing to her dogs. Fortunately for the dogs they were all well behind a very strong wolf proof fence. It was this love for the wolf that led her to where she is today, the founder of the Tamaskan.          

At the World Show in Helsinki, Finland with Arctictreks Treasure of Gold at Blustag