You are probably aware of all the scams going on now both in Europe and USA.      I along with my daughter Jennie (Blufawn) are the Founders of the Tamaskan Breed.       All of our dogs since the beginning of the breed have been dna profiled which is a blessing as we can now identify which are the genuine Tamaskan and which are not as some are purchasing, or putting down deposits on puppies that are not true Tamaskan.

There is much misleading information on the www and I would say to people to check out our forum at for testimonies from people who have not only purchased from us, but who have also visited and met our dogs.    We have visitors from Europe, all over UK and have also had visitors from USA.   All of these people can testify that we do not breed any other breeds, nor keep any other breeds.   Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have on our ‘open’ forum.    I would rather you did this than pay attention to any of the comments etc appearing on different websites/pages/forums.    i.e.  we breed Irish Wolfhounds, Lhasa Apso and other breeds.      There are many stories like this online so the best people to ask about us as I said previously are the people who have visited our home and met our dogs.    We also hold an annual Tamaskan Show every May and have had visitors from all over arrive here.    Ask if any of them have ever seen any other such breeds here.    Having established this it shows that there is no credibility to any of their online stories.

 It is sad but we woke up one day to find that our Tamaskan Dog Register had been stolen by a group of people who wanted to run things their own way.  Some of these people didn’t even own a Tamaskan, some never bred a litter of dogs, some only young people, some who I had refused to sell puppies to, or allow them to use my stud dogs.   All of this led to jealousy and bad blood.   They tried to say that I had left the TDR but I haven't.   I am still Chairman and Jenny is still Secretary.  You will find our genuine website at and our club site at which is where both have been since the register was started in 2006.     Any other sites are nothing to do with us and despite what the site may say were not formed in 2006 but in 2013 which can be seen if you search for archives of their site and cant find anything previous to 2013.

 Breed information has been changed by these people and names of dogs have been changed on their websites.   We have nothing at all to do with these people, nor do we visit any of the forums or websites.    Information coming in lately tells us that there is disharmony among themselves now which was inevitable given that they had only been in the breed (or even in the dog world) a very short time and members of their committee are pet owners and have absolutely no experience.    We are also aware that they are mixing in other breeds into their Tamaskan, including high content wolfdogs, labradors and collies and still calling them Tamaskan.   In USA my Blustag prefix which I have had for over 30 years and is registered both in UK and with the FCI in Europe has been stolen by kennels in NC who are pretending to be me. Sadly people have gone to them and paid deposits before finding out that they are a puppy mill and have then come to us.    Unfortunately they are not getting their deposits back.  

 As regards to us being fined for not having a Breeding Licence…this is true. This is the only ‘truth’ out there BUT…. The so called complaints were made by members of the ‘other’ group (none of whom have visited our property) to our local council.   The council investigated and found no pregnant females, no puppies, no welfare issues and no other breeds.  However, because I own a large piece of land which has two semi detached houses on it (a recently converted chapel and the rectory next door) one I live in, and the other Jennie, my daughter lives in, they combined our litters which took us over the allowed 4 litters per year by 2 litters (had the two houses not been combined we would each have been within the legal limit) but the judge found us guilty and gave us the very minimum fine (jointly £400) and told the council that he felt the case was a waste of his time and that they should choose their defendants more carefully (the court case cost the council £8000 of tax payers money).    This was for 2012 only.   The houses are now legally separate (as of Jan 2013, 2 days before the investigation started)  and we applied for a licence to avoid any further problems,. We have had a 5* license since 2014.   The fine was given purely on a technicality due to the two houses not being separated on the deeds, even though both are self contained with their own land.



We welcome visitors from all over.   If you would like to visit and meet our dogs and discuss the breed then feel free to email me at